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Bookings Open: EC4 Composite Design Course


Book your place at next week’s EC4 Composite Design Course (17 & 19 January 2023) presented by Graham Couchman

This online course (which is available to members and non members) will cover the design of composite beams and slabs with reference to Eurocode 4 for composite construction (BS EN 1994). Combining steel and concrete so that they act together structurally in composite elements can lead to very efficient frame solutions. Common problems and misunderstandings will also be highlighted during the course, as well as detailing recommendations.

Please note that this course covers buildings, but not bridges.

Each delegate will receive a PDF copy of the SCI Publications “Composite Design of Steel Frames Buildings (P359)” and “Minimum Degree of Shear Connection Rules for UK Construction to Eurocode 4 (P405)”

Who should attend?
This course is aimed primarily at practising engineers (consultants, steelwork contractors and checking engineers) who would like to learn more about composite construction, and to update their knowledge of composite design according to the Eurocodes.
No prior knowledge of composite design is necessary.

The objectives of this course are to:
● establish why and when composite construction is an efficient option;
● present design procedures for composite beams;
● introduce slimfloor construction;
● present design procedures for composite slabs;
● Introduce fire design of composite beams and slabs;
● present examples of good practice.

Having attended the course you will:
● be able to identify where composite construction could be beneficial;
● understand the principles of composite design;
● be able to design a composite beam or slab in accordance with Eurocode 4.

Images courtesy of SMD and University of Luxembourg