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Caunton’s Apprentices Lead the Way


Progress with the research and development in the use of the SteelBricksTM modular system is continuing. Information in earlier Caunton Engineering website postings and press articles have reported the progress made so far. Caunton are now developing automated technology for the assembly and construction of core walls for multi storey lift shafts, clearly suited to using these off site manufactured components. Caunton are as a result working alongside the license holder MWS and the research experts authoring the design guide, the Steel Construction Institute (SCI), aiming to make production and construction of lift shafts more efficient by utilising Steel Bricks™.

In addition it will offer an alternative to the BI-Steel product after its withdrawal from the market. Speed and off site manufacture of these items are very much the benefits of Steel Bricks™ and Caunton is now working towards the means of how to expedite delivery to site of these factory made components. A newly purchased robotic welding machine has been installed in Caunton’s works to research means of accelerating production. The company has invited the Apprentices from the Company’s Academy to lead on this. These young apprentices are shown here working on a scaled down version of a core wall panel incorporating SteelBricks™ technology. It is also reported that in parallel with this, the SCI are now working on developing a design code for core walls utilizing Steel Bricks™. It is hoped these combined efforts will lead to a cost effective solution and faster multi-storey building construction in the future.

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