Home News New Publication: Design of steel concrete composite (SC) Structures (P414)

New Publication: Design of steel concrete composite (SC) Structures (P414)


SCI has just published a new design guide entitled Design of steel concrete composite (SC) structures (SCI-P414). It provides recommendations for the design of panels comprising two steel plates connected by a grid of tie bars with structural concrete between the plates, typically used for walls. It also covers panels comprising a steel plate stiffened by T-section ribs welded to the plate (referred to as half-SC), typically used for floors. The plates act as load bearing formwork during placement of the concrete, thereby eliminating the need for temporary formwork. In the permanent condition, the plates act as reinforcement to the concrete. In SC panels, the tie bars hold the two plates together at the construction stage and provide transverse shear reinforcement in the permanent condition. Composite action between the steel plates and the concrete is achieved through the use of headed shear studs welded to the steel plates.

The guide covers material grade selection, calculation of element and connection resistance, calculation of thermal effects and resistance at elevated temperature. The guide also covers the calculation of actions at the construction stage and verification of the resistance under those actions.

The work was undertaken within a project funded by the European Union’s Research Fund for Coal and Steel (grant agreement RFSR-CT-2013-00017) and EDF.

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