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SCI has recently completed the production of the Hi-SPAN design software which is now available from Hi-SPAN. The design software was produced in-house at SCI and includes the design of cold-formed steel purlins, rails, eaves beams and mezzanine floor joists. Automated calculation of wind and snow loads for multiple roof types are also included within the functionality of the software. All design is in accordance with latest Eurocodes, EN 1991 for loading and EN 1993 for the design of structural steel. Previously the Hi-SPAN design resistance calculations in accordance with the Eurocodes had been reviewed and granted SCI Assessed status. These design resistances are now incorporated into the new Hi-SPAN design software which is also included within the SCI Assessed scheme.

Hi-SPAN is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of cold rolled products with over 55 years of experience within construction industry. Hi-SPAN offer a range of purlins, rails, channels and eaves beams designed for use in a range of situations. For information about the SCI Assessed scheme or SCI’s expertise in the cold-formed steel sector, please contact Andrew Way at SCI.

Hi-SPAN Design Software
Hi-SPAN Design Software
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