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On-line Light Gauge Steel Design Course – places still available


This on-line course is suitable for all practising engineers who would like to learn the essential principles of light gauge steel design in its typical structural applications.

It will be delivered in 3 two hour sessions on the 23 February, 25 February and 2 March (6 hours CPD).

The course will introduce the uses and applications of light gauge steel in construction, before explaining in detail the methods employed by Eurocode 3 for designing light gauge steel members in bending and compression and calculation of section properties. Specific design issues related to the different uses of light gauge steel are addressed.

For light steel framing the issues covered include: frame stability, bracing, designing for robustness, connection design, frame anchorage and serviceability conditions.

For industrial building applications the issues covered include: specification with load tables, rafter and column restraint and load reversal (uplift) conditions.

Other specific topics that are covered include: fire resistance, acoustic performance, NHBC Standards Chapter 6.10 and durability.

The subjects are illustrated through a series of example calculations throughout the course.

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