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SCI Awards from Across The Globe


We welcomed Yifei Hu to SCI on 22 August 2023 who was visiting from CNERC, the Chinese National Engineering Research Centre for Steel Construction (Hong Kong Branch), which is based at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Professor Kwok-Fai Chung, who worked at SCI back in the 1990s, is the Director of CNERC. SCI has enjoyed a productive collaboration with CNERC on various research projects over many years.

Back in September 2022, CNERC, supported by SCI and other contributors, won a prestigious award from the China Steel Construction Society for a project entitled “Basic Theory, Key Technology and International Application of Chinese High Strength 690MPa Steel Structures”. This Award is one of the top national awards for the steel construction industry in China. The work involved comprehensive research and development activities, which enabled advanced predictions on mechanical properties and structural behaviour of S690 welded sections to be made on the basis of integrated experimental and numerical investigations. SCI’s Nancy Baddoo and Dr. Francisco Meza worked with CNERC on this project over the past two years, and Dr. Hu took the opportunity of being at SCI to present them with the certificates issued by the China Steel Construction Society.

The research results have already been applied in a number of construction projects in Hong Kong, such as the Double Arch Steel Bridge of the Cross Bay Link in Tseung Kwan O, and the long span roof structures of the Kowloon Tsai Swimming Pool as well as the steel roofs of both the East and the West Stands of the Yuen Long Stadium (both under construction). 

More recently, SCI and CNERC collaborated on the new publication “Design and construction using high strength steel in China” (available in Chinese), sponsored by CBMM. This guide provides advice for designers, fabricators, product manufacturers and clients in China on the selection, design and fabrication of high strength steel structures, based on Chinese product, design and execution standards.

Dr. Yi-Fei Hu, CNERC (left) and Nancy Baddoo, SCI (right)