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As designers wrestle with what feels like ever increasing time pressures, to help them deliver on time and effectively SCI offers support in a number of ways, in particular by offering a number of Membership packages to suit both individuals and companies. SCI membership provides direct access to experts, supported by technical resources and best practice guidance, to save both time and money, and avoid mistakes.

Direct access to our advisory team, consistently ranked by members as the most valuable benefit, offers fast, independent, authoritative advice. Each enquiry is dealt with confidentially. The Advisory team’s extensive knowledge covers all aspects of steel design and construction, including interpretation of code requirements and standards.

SCI’s technical resources are available to Sole Trader and Corporate members to view and download, via Steelbiz on the SCI Information Portal. This site contains information such as; SCI advisory desk notes, technical articles, NCCI and electronic versions of SCI publications.

Technical Webinars keep viewers up to date with latest design guidance. Free to members, these monthly events are presented live during a lunchtime period with a streamed recording available until the next webinar becomes available. Many topics are covered and a calendar of webinars is available via the Courses Calendar.

For more information on SCI Membership contact:

membership@steel-sci.com or +44 (0) 1344 636525