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SCI Product Certification


The UK construction sector is currently facing several pressing challenges, including a shortage of skilled workers, an annual demand for 300,000 new houses, the need for increased productivity with improved performance and the ambitious goal for net-zero carbon emission by 2050. One of the key solutions to support the construction sector during these changing times is to adopt Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), such as 3D volumetric modular construction and 2D primary structural systems.

MMC has the potential to make significant improvements in construction times and product quality. In MMC, building components and sub-systems are manufactured in a controlled factory environment, with the assistance of varying levels of automation, allowing precise and high-quality products to be made that can then be swiftly installed on-site. MMC also leads to a considerable reduction in waste and transportation burdens of construction materials to the construction site. This will reduce the carbon footprint associated with a building, and make a significant contribution to the UK construction sector’s journey to reach net zero emission target. Production in an off-site environment opens up the opportunity to attract a wider and more diverse workforce.

While the advantages of MMC are abundant, for the ultimate acceptance and success of off-site construction products it is crucial for them to have robust, third-party validation. This is important because, when adopting such solutions, building designers are effectively delegating some of their responsibility. To address this need, SCI has developed a product certification scheme for off-site manufactured steel volumetric modules (Category 1 MMC) and steel-based panels (Category 2 MMC). This scheme evaluates product performance against key criteria including mechanical strength, fire resistance, thermal performance, condensation control, acoustic performance, and durability. The details of all verifications are given in publicly available documents to ensure transparency, impartiality, and consistency in the evaluation process.

SCI’s product certification is accredited by UKAS (ISO/IEC 17065:2012) and recognised by warranty providers such as NHBC.

For more information visit scicerts.com or contact: certification@steel-sci.com