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SigDeck Makes the Grade

A recent addition to Sigmat’s product range is their new floor deck profile – SigDeck. The S450, crushed-end, trapezoidal deck is 110mm deep and available in gauges from 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm. SigDeck was primarily developed for use with light steel framing and is therefore ideal for single span applications of approximately 5 m without the need for propping, which is beneficial for speed of construction. The SigDeck product has been subject to an extensive range of testing and analysis to determine various performance parameters. The development work and design values have been successfully assessed by SCI, as a result, the technical performance data for SigDeck has been awarded SCI Assessed status. The assessment included the analysis of the bare steel and composite properties of SigDeck, development of construction stage and composite stage design procedures and development of fire stage resistances. All testing and analysis have been carried out in accordance with Eurocodes where applicable. Bare steel bending tests and end support tests were carried out to determine SigDeck sagging resistance, sagging inertia and end crushing resistance. Composite slab tests were undertaken to determine the shear bond characteristic of SigDeck using the tau method for partial interaction. The tau method is applicable to the longitudinal shear design of the composite slab in accordance with BS EN 1994-1-1. Due to the unique shape of the SigDeck profile, it was not appropriate to use NCCI PN005c-GB – “Fire Resistance Design of Composite Slabs” to determine the temperature profiles through the slab or the minimum insulation depths for fire design. Therefore, SCI conducted several finite element analyses of the slab to obtain temperature profiles through a SigDeck floor slab. Small scale fire tests were carried out to calibrate the results obtained from the finite element analyses. A second aspect of the fire design which was assessed, was the performance of the slab support detail at elevated temperatures. Finite element analyses were carried out to determine the temperature profiles of the structural components and these were used to calculate the design resistances at each fire resistance period. SCI is currently in the process of producing composite slab design software for Sigmat and their new SigDeck profile. For more information on SCI certification and assessment services please visit our website.