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Trio of Light Steel Frame Certificates

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Stage 1 Certificates for light steel frame systems are now available from SCI for three of the leading warranty providers – NHBC, Premier Guarantee and LABC Warranty. The SCI Certificates for Premier Guarantee and LABC Warranty have both become available since they released new versions of their technical manuals in 2022, and the SCI/NHBC Stage 1 certificates have been available since the NHBC Standards, Chapter 6.10 for light steel walls and floors, was originally published in 2005.

Hadley Group have become the first company to achieve the hat-trick and hold Stage 1 certificates for all three of the available warranty providers for their HadleyFRAME system. By comparison, there are currently over 30 companies which hold an SCI/NHBC Stage 1 certificate, which has been available for much longer. The full list of companies which have certification from SCI, including SCI Assessed, is available on the SCI Certification and Assessment website.

The warranty providers’ Technical Manuals or Standards identify the functional requirements that are applicable for the design and construction of buildings to be covered by their warranties.

There are some significant differences between the technical requirements for light steel framing of Premier Guarantee and LABC Warranty compared to those of NHBC. Therefore, separate assessments are required by SCI for light steel frame companies to achieve these certifications.

Companies interested in obtaining Stage 1 certificates for any of the warranty providers should contact SCI. After companies have successfully completed the process, SCI will issue their certificates, provide Stage 1 logos to use on website and marketing materials, notify the appropriate warranty company and add the light steel framing system to the SCI Certification and Assessment website