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Webinar – R&D tax credits.


Tuesday 23 February 2021. 12.00 – 12.45

ForrestBrown, helped SCI and some of SCI’s Members to claim R&D tax credits.  ForrestBrown are hosting on some important changes to the way businesses access R&D tax relief.

You may have heard that HMRC scrutiny is at an all-time high. To clamp down on the rise in spurious R&D claims, HMRC has shifted its approach to administering R&D tax relief. If you’re currently accessing the incentive, there are three things you need to account for in your R&D claims to reduce your chances of an enquiry.

To raise awareness of this issue, ForrestBrown are holding a webinar, A new era for R&D tax relief: Best practice for your business, on Tuesday 23 February. They’ll be sharing best practice on how to protect your business and offering guidance on how you to add value to your overall claim.

If you’d like to register, sign up here. For anyone who would like more information but is unable to make the session, we’ll be sharing the webinar recording in our monthly newsletter CONNECT later this week.