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SCI CONNECT – August 2020

Over the coming months we are going to be consulting and reflecting in order to develop our corporate strategy for the next five years. This strategy will need to consider not only the impact of the COVID pandemic, but also our loss of European Research funding resulting from BREXIT. Despite these big changes we must remain relevant to remain commercially sustainable (i.e. exist).

As a simple statement we see our role in the steel construction sector as being one of solving people's problems. With the current level of maturity of the UK steel construction sector, this feels like an appropriate evolution of our original stated purpose to develop and promote the effective use of steel in construction.

Of course, there are a broad range of problems we can help with - from the problem of not knowing how to do something and needing guidance, to the problem of having done something incorrectly and needing help to justify it. We will be seeking your input to confirm what problems you need help with.

One area where we are currently active and are sure to remain so is advanced analysis. Codified design rules will never cover all situations, and will very often be relatively simple in the interests of design economy. When something has gone wrong these 'limitations' of codes are rather helpful, as they often leave some wriggle room! Advanced analysis also provides the opportunity to maximise efficiency during product development.

With a number of experts and a number of finite element packages at our disposal, we are always happy to discuss solving specific issues. Our breath of practical experience also means that we are able to sanity check FEM results, and avoid the all-too-common mistake of assuming that because a model is complex the answers must be accurate.

We are here to solve your problems

For more information on how SCI can support you contact

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SCI Courses
Steel Connection Design On-line Course: Portal Frame Design
2 Sept, 9 Sept, 16 Sept and 23 Sept
Steel Connection Design Seismic design of steel structures to Eurocode 8 - Member only Webinar
15 Sep
Steel Connection Design On-line Course: Light Gauge Steel Design
23 Sep, 1 Oct and 6 Oct
Steel Connection Design Corrosion protection of steel by hot dip galvanizing - Member only Webinar
13 Oct
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SCI Training provision online - unexpected benefits all round

SCI's move to deliver online training has bought us some surprises and benefits for our attendees. Our physical UK courses have always been just that, UK based. This year we had planned dates to revisit both Northern and Southern Ireland with our courses, however, the current situation forced us to think quickly about how we address the training needs of those in our industry. Pulling all our courses and other training provisions online has already presented new opportunities to reach wider audiences, depending on time lines, for attendees it has meant no travel costs or whole days out of the office.

We make the online training courses interactive and questions can be asked live to the presenter throughout the training session. The sessions are generally broken into 2-hour learning slots and spaced over a week or fortnight. We include worked examples and all resources relating to the course are provided.

SCI's aim is to keep attendees up-to-date with latest developments. Our training provision includes: Webinars and Online training courses.

This autumn our online training courses include;

Portal Frame Design
Delivered in 4 sessions: 2 Sep, 9 Sept,16 Sep and 23 Sep

Light Gauge Steel Design
Delivered in 3 sessions: 29 Sept, 1 Oct and 6 Oct

Steel Building Design to Eurocode 3
Delivered in 4 sessions: 20 Oct, 22 Oct, 27 Oct and 29 Oct

A full list of all our training provision including courses and webinars can be found on our Course Calendar.

Realising the Steel Design,  10 December 2019.
Members Advisory Desk Service email alerts

The new Advisory Desk service emails sent this month included:

  • Advisory Desk Notes - AD 424 Shear Stud Length
  • Advisory Desk Note - AD 449 Elastic critical load factor, αcr

If you are an SCI Sole Trader or Corporate Member and not receiving these emails alerts go to the SCI Information Portal and in your Profile click on notifications/alerts and select the notifications you require.

All the Advisory Desk Notes and Questions and Answers together with other technical resources are all available at all times on the SCI Information Portal.

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SCI Advisory Questions and Answers

For SCI Sole Trader and Corporate members, SCI offers support through our Advisory Desk Service. For questions asked which we feel are pertinent to the wider member audience we publish anonymously the questions and answers.

Where some questions relate to SCI Publications we publish the question and answers in Connect.

This month our published question is about; Plate washers for preloaded bolts

Question: How thick should a plate washer be when used with oversized or slotted holes?

Please see the answer to this Advisory Question/Answer - Ref No 7149-20 and all Advisory questions on the SCI Information Portal.

The Advisory Desk Service is for SCI Corporate and Sole Trader Members | +44 (0) 1344 636525

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SCI Courses, Webinars and Events

New SCI Training Online

Due to the current situation and the inability to run public courses SCI has taken the decision to move some of its public training on-line, our next online course is:

On-line Portal Frame Design course

Delivered in 4 sessions (90 mins per session)
2 Sep, 9 Sep, 16 Sep and 23 Sep
Each session will be run from 11:00 - 12:30

This course aims to provide in-depth coverage of the major issues surrounding the analysis, design and (crucially) the detailing of portal frames. The course covers frame design to
BS EN 1993-1-1.

The course assumes that bespoke software will be used in many designs, but aims to present the background structural mechanics so the principles are understood, such that a manual design could be completed.

The course is aimed at structural designers who are involved with conceptual design, detailed design or checking of portal frames.

Exercises will be included during this course.

£250.00 SCI Members
£330.00 Non-Members

For further information on content and to register for this course visit the course description here.

Realising the Steel Design,  10 December 2019.

Next SCI Member webinar is:

Seismic design of steel structures to Eurocode 8
Tuesday 15 September - 12:30-13:30

This webinar will give the fundamentals of seismic design of steel structures according to Eurocode 8. A short introduction about seismic actions and design options will be given. Capacity design for steel structures according to Eurocode 8 section 6 will be discussed, highlighting the differences from the common Eurocode 3 design rules.

Register to view this webinar.

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SCI Publications

Our bookshop is once again open. For any hard copies of SCI Publications visit the SCI WebShop.

Brittle Fracture Selection of Steel Sub-Grade to BS EN 1993-1-10 (P419)

Brittle Fracture Selection of Steel Sub-Grade to BS EN 1993-1-10 (P419) This guide explains how an approach based on fracture mechanics, which is a method permitted in BS EN 1993-1-10, may be used to determine the required steel sub-grade. Application of the procedures in this guide should be limited to quasi-static structures, where fatigue is not a design consideration.

Minimum degree of shear connection rules for UK construction to Eurocode 4 (P405) PDF format only.

Minimum degree of shear connection rules for UK construction to Eurocode 4 (P405) PDF format only. Developments in decking products and UK construction practice have, in some cases, resulted in shear stud resistances dropping below the values that were traditionally used in design. This publication takes into accounts a number of variables which results in less onerous requirements for the minimum degree, enabling composite solutions that according to the code would be inadmissible.

The Design of Cast-in Plates (P416) Building structures are frequently designed with concrete lift and stair cores surrounded by steel beams and columns. The beams are supported by steel plates cast into the concrete core walls. This guide discusses the technical issues involved in connecting the steel and concrete elements together. A model and a procedure for the design of cast-in plates is proposed including the allocation of design responsibility. The guide includes example calculations.

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