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EN 1090 – Execution of Steel Structures


Singapore Structural Steel Society, invitation for SCI to present a course,  11-14 September 2018

Execution to EN 1090 has been mandatory in the UK since 2014, so considerable experience has been gained in the application of the Standard, which is to be adopted in Singapore.

David Brown of the Steel Construction Institute, UK, will introduce the requirements of the Standard, including the responsibilities placed on Steelwork Contractors via EN 1090-1 and the technical requirements of EN 1090-2.  The presentation will expand on the specification clauses of EN 1090-2 to address the reasons why the requirements are necessary, and the obligations placed on the designer, such as the selection of the Execution Class, the different types of tolerance to be considered and the design method of erection.

The course will include observations based on the experience of steelwork contractors and steel designers in the UK, how best practice is demonstrated and the issues that must be addressed as EN 1090 is implemented.