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Fabsec’s new partnership with Bentley Systems Inc. has synchronised FBEAM and Bentley’s RAM Structural System


It’s estimated that over 70% of all multi-storey buildings use steel framed structures as their preferred method of construction.  Cellular beams have long complimented this preference and are an established design solution incorporated by engineers and building contractors alike.

Fabsec’s new partnership with Bentley Systems Inc. has synchronised FBEAM and Bentley’s RAM Structural System, further enhancing the interoperability functions within the FBEAM software.  The update provides an import / export feature that allows seamless transfer of data, increasing productivity whilst de-risking the handling of design data.  RAM states:

The RAM Structural System allows rapid creation of the entire structural model, including the floor and roof framing and loads. It determines the distribution of those design loads to the members, including the consideration of the code-allowed reduction of imposed loads. Those geometries and design loads can then be transferred directly to FBEAM to enhance the efficiencies of the design in ambient and fire conditions. Because of the automation, any subsequent changes in framing can be quickly and easily accommodated.

Intuitive design software not only improves engineers’ workflows, making them more efficient, it also encourages them to explore any number of options surrounding the design, all of which can be reviewed easily. Fabsec FBEAM® software is free to use in the UK to design primary and secondary floor beams, as well as rafters.

With margins in industry already lean, FBEAM automation can facilitate the assessment of multiple plated cellular beams. FBEAM can either optimise for minimum weight or take a holistic view considering the cost of the Firetex intumescent paint as well as the raw materials associated with the plate girder, ensuring that the most economic, sustainable, beam design is realised.

There are many more benefits to engineers using Fabsec products and the FBEAM software:

  • Spans of up to 25m for floor beams and 60m for rafters
  • Section depth can be varied to optimise span / depth efficiency
  • Increasing the span can result in fewer pieces to fabricate & erect as well as improving the buildings flexibility and longevity.
  • The ability to allocate material where required leads to leaner, more sustainable designs
  • Full flexibility of beam depths to align with building / planning parameters
  • Enhanced range of sections to standard rolled UB’s / UC’s

Full flexibility on service penetrations through the profile’s web, avoiding additional handling requirements associated with infills or web stiffening.

To realise the benefits above you can download the latest version from www.fabsec.co.uk.  Should you require any introduction to the software / ongoing support queries you can contact our free technical advisory service at support@fabsec.co.uk.