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SCI Annual Event 2016 Video Gallery

SCI Annual Event wide pan 2016


SCI Annual Event 2016
3D Printing – the future of design and manufacture at the National Gallery, London, 9th November.

2016’s Annual event featured speakers talking about 3D printing and design, and provoked much discussion among a full house of members and partners about where the technology might go in the future.

Presentations included:
• The MX3D bridge project in Amsterdam – Olivier Vassart, ArcelorMittal
• Additive Manufacture – Iain Todd, Sheffield University
• Simulation Driven Additive Manufacturing : New technology from SIMULIA-Abaqus – Auday Alrawe, Intrinsys
• Recent research projects from SCI
Olivier Vassart – MX3D bridge in Amsterdam

Olivier Vassart of AcelorMittal describes the evolution of 3D printing and presents some of the innovative applications being explored today, from bridges to cycling handlebars. This video captures the topics that generated discussion and questions about future design potential and standards.
Auday Alrawe – Simulation Driven Additive Manufacturing

Auday Alrawe of Intrinsys presents the latest on Simulation Driven Additive Manufacturing and new technologies from SIMULIA-Abaqus. Simulation driven print analytics and process optimisation are covered indetail.
Iain Todd – Additive Manufacture

Iain Todd, Sheffield University, presents Performance by Design in Additive Manufacture. This video captures fascinating historical and case examples, and prompts thought for the future about using computational systems for user-centred information.
Recent research Projects at SCI

In this video SCI Specialists present. Nancy Badoo presents four topics on high performance steel, including high strength long span structures and stainless steel structures. Michael Samson presents a case for steel and the circular economy, the economics of re-use and design for deconstruction.
Dr Bassam Burgan discusses nuclear power plant projects, budgets and risks.


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