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SCI CONNECT – March 2019

Three years ago, in discussion with industry and government agencies, the need for a group to develop the knowledge required to ensure the safe processing, transportation and storage of explosives was identified. SCI was asked to establish and host the new group which has been named EMBIG, the Energetic Materials Blast Information Group. The Group was launched in August 2018 and today has 11 members that include government agencies, explosive manufacturers, consultants and the Health and Safety Executive. EMBIG aims to improve the knowledge available to those involved in assessing the safety of sites for the storage, manufacturing and handling of explosive materials by providing a forum for the development and exchange of best practise.

Shortly after its launch, the Group identified a number of existing computer codes that are commonly used for assessing structures for explosives use. These relatively simple and fast running codes were developed in the 1970s and 80s by the US army, but there are a number of issues with them including:

  • Availability: some of these codes are classified and only available to organisations working for the US Government;
  • Support: the codes are generally unsupported;
  • Age: being 1970s and 80s codes, most are not compatible with modern IT environments;
  • Lack of updates: a number of these codes have not been updated to reflect modern knowledge.

For these reasons, EMBIG is now developing new software for the calculation of blast effects on structures for use by its members. SCI has completed the development of the first module of this software which calculates the free field effects of explosive charges based on the latest available research.

The HSE is an active member of the group and sees it as an opportunity to develop a common approach to producing structural justification documents for energetic material storage and manufacturing facilities. To further this aim a joint EMBIG/HSE full day seminar is being held in London on 19 June 2019 to provide guidance on the use of the CBI/EIG guide 'The Use of Structural Justification to Underpin an HSE/ONR Explosives Licence'. The seminar will cover the legal and regulatory framework and will be illustrated by practical case studies. To register for the seminar, please click here.

Anyone interested in further information about EMBIG should contact Bassam Burgan.

The Energetic Materials Blast Information Group - Calculation

The Energetic Materials Blast Information Group - Blast
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Steel Connection Design Fabricated beams with corrugated webs
02 Apr 19, Member webinar
Steel Connection Design Steel Building Design to EC3
04 Apr 19, 1 day course, Bristol
Steel Connection Design Plate Girder Design
07 May 19, Member webinar
Steel Connection Design Steel Connection Design Course
09 May 19, 1 day course, Birmingham
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Light Steel Construction

It is an exciting time for SCI and the light steel construction sector, with various events and initiatives having light steel framing at their core. The SCI has a long history with light steel framing but over recent years we have seen a considerable increase in its popularity and in the number of companies producing light steel frame systems. This comes on the back of the continuing demand for housing in the UK and the promotion of offsite and modern methods of construction. Some of the SCI activities associated with light steel are described below.

Light Steel Forum

SCI's Light Steel Forum is a technical group focused on developing light steel frame technology and producing technical literature to support the sector. Since the formation of the group its membership has grown steadily over the years and has recently been joined by Etex Building Performance Ltd.

The group continue to work on new guidance for the sector and two new publications are expected in the coming months.

The current members are: Ayrshire Metals Ltd, BW Industries Ltd, Fusion Building Systems, Hadley Steel Framing Ltd, Kingspan Steel Building Solutions, Metek Plc, Saint-Gobain, Sigmat Ltd, Vision-Built Manufacturing Ltd, voestalpine Metsec Plc and Etex Building Performance Ltd.

Light Seteel Forum Light Seteel Forum Logo
SCI Product Certification

The initial focus of the SCI Product Certification scheme is aimed at the light steel construction products such as cladding and roofing, external infill walling, light steel framing and modular building systems.

Alongside the new SCI Product Certification scheme, SCI will continue to offer its existing assessment services of 'SCI Assessed' and SCI/NHBC Stage 1 System Certification.

The SCI/NHBC Stage 1 System Certification for light steel framing is operated in accordance with Chapter 6.10 of NHBC Standards which have been updated for 2019.

SCI Product Certification has been deliberately developed to coordinate with the SCI/NHBC Stage 1 System Certification so that system suppliers can extend the technical scope of their certification to include aspects related to fire resistance, sound insulation and thermal performance. Product Certification also includes Factory Production Control requirements, needed to ensure the potential of a given product can be delivered every time in practice.

SCI Product Certification

NHBC Standards 2019

By the time you read this it may be out-of-date, but amidst all the turmoil, cynicism and almost complete lack of clarity it is worth us clarifying some things we do know about.

Firstly, our new Product Certification offerings will be unaffected by BREXIT. Unlike a body that offers CE Marking, we do not need to be a Notified Body to issue Certificates, so we are unaffected by the current debates about UK Marks and CE Marks.

Secondly, our involvement with the Eurocodes. BSI has clearly stated that it wants to remain part of CEN (the European Committee for Standardisation), and thereby closely wedded to the Eurocodes. Moreover, it is clear that designers will continue to use the Eurocodes in the future (and indeed some designers will continue to use the previous generation of British Standards). SCI's close involvement in Eurocode development, which enables us to help our members and clients with the most up-to-date knowledge, will continue. Beyond that, who knows?

Euro Flag

NHBC Building for Tomorrow

SCI have been speaking to house builders about benefits and best practice of light steel framing at 10 different venues across the UK. These presentations have been part of the NHBC Building for Tomorrow series of events and have been delivered by SCI experts in the field, Andrew Way, Mark Lawson and Graham Couchman. The response from audiences has been extremely positive.

Building for Tomorrow Logo

News in Brief

OFFSITE Awards - Best Use of Steel Technology

SCI would like to congratulate Sigmat for winning the 2019 OFFSITE Award for Best Use of Steel Technology, for Godiva Place Student accommodation, Coventry. This category was sponsored by SCI, and the award was present by Mark Wilkinson, Product Certification Manager, SCI, at the OFFSITE Awards event held on the 5th March 2019 part of FutureBuild 2019.

Other SCI Member winners included;

Best Use of Volumetric Technology: ilke Homes - Gateshead Innovation Village

Commercial Project of the Year: Peter Dann - Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Luton Airport

Healthcare Project of the Year: EOS Facades - Sarah Swift Building, University of Lincoln

Engineer of the Year: MJH Structural Engineers - Various Projects

Contractor of the Year: Vision Modular Systems & Donban Contracting - Mapleton Crescent, Wandsworth

Offsite Pioneer of the Year: Kier Construction

BIM/Digital Construction Award: Voestalpine Metsec - BIM Building Information Modelling

Well done to all our SCI members.

Visit OFFSITE Awards

OFFSITE Construction Awards
FutureBuild 05 - 07 March 2019

Sustainable steel and the circular economy

Michael Sansom chaired a seminar at the Materials Hub at Futurebuild on 7th March. The seminar included presentations by Tata Steel, ArcelorMittal and SCI and focussed on developments by the steel construction sector towards a more sustainable, circular future. Nick Coleman (Tata Steel) spoke about new developments in steel-making and Tata Steel's vision for carbon neutral steel production by 2050. Representing ArcelorMittal, Olivier Vassart (CEO of Steligence) gave a high-level overview of the central role steel plays in developed economies before presenting results from a comparative LCA study on high-rise steel and concrete-framed buildings. Michael Sansom (SCI) concluded the well-attended seminar with an overview of the research SCI is involved in to develop demountable and reusable steel structures.

FutureBuild Logo

On 20 March 2019 the Resources Division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining held an event entitled "The Iron Cycle - Fe 150". The event theme was "150 years of extracting, processing & recycling the material that built the modern world" and was part of the institute's 150 years since conception celebrations. Graham Couchman, CEO, SCI was invited to present 'The past, present and future of Steel Construction in the UK' (in 20 minutes). The event was well attend and forms part of a series of events the IOM3 are running.

New Localised Fire Guidance translated

SCI Design Guide 'Design of columns subject to localised fires' published following SCI's partnership in a pan European project for temperature assessment of a vertical steel member subjected to localised fire (LOCAFI) has now been translated into 14 different languages.

The publication is available on the SCI Shop

Courses, Webinars and events

Please see all of our Courses, Webinars and Event listings on our website.

Steel Connection Design Course
Thursday 09 May 2019 09:00-17:00, Birmingham

This course is for designers and technicians wanting practical tuition in steel connection design. The course concentrates on the design of nominally pinned connections, in accordance with BS EN 1993-1-8.

The objectives of this course are:

  • to equip designers with the knowledge to design common connections with confidence
  • to explain the key principles of connection behaviour which must be realised in connection details
  • to generate an awareness of the resistance of standardised connections
  • to explain the complexities of the design of moment-resisting bolted joints

Member Rate - £220.00
Non Member Rate - £280.00

Register for this course

Steel Connection Design Course

Fabricated beams with corrugated webs
Tuesday 02 Apr 19, 12:30-13:30

Although this type of beam has not been common in the UK, it is regularly used in other parts of Europe and has its own dedicated part of the Eurocode. The corrugated web increases the resistance to shear, so much thinner webs may be used without stiffening. This presentation will cover the design rules in BS EN 1993-1-5, which have been built into design software prepared by SCI.

SCI members only

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High Strength Steel Structures

REDUCE seminar
Tuesday 08 Oct 19, 12:30-13:30

Following the article placed in CONNECT (January 2019), the SCI coordinated EU-funded project REDUCE (REuse and Demountability Using steel structures and the Circular Economy) is now in its final year. The results of this 3 year project will be disseminated at an event on Tuesday 8th October 2019 at the Building Centre, London.

Registration is Free. To book a place register here

REDUCE seminar
Fire resistance design of steel framed buildings (P375)

Fire resistance design of steel framed buildings (P375) This design guide provides a general overview of the fire design of steel and composite structures in accordance with the Eurocodes, introduces the basis of design for fire situations and the criteria that need to be met.

Design of Low to Medium Rise Buildings against External Explosions (P415)

Design of Low to Medium Rise Buildings against External Explosions (P415) SCI's new design guide "Design of Low to Medium Rise Buildings against External Explosions" provides recommendations and advice for structural design against explosions associated with industrial accidents where the blast impacts the whole (or large areas) of the building's elevation.

Design of Columns Subject to Localised Fires (P423)

Design of Columns Subject to Localised Fires (P423) This design guide presents a Eurocode-aligned method for determining the temperature of a column subject to a localised fire. Guidance on how to determine the resistance of a steel column when subject to elevated temperatures is also given.

Members in the News

Caunton's steelwork part of The Big Build at Brighton University

Caunton Engineering are most pleased to be contributing to what the students of the University of Brighton are now calling The Big Build. The Brighton University authorities are modernising their Moulsecoomb campus, and the first element of the programme includes a new Business School building, student accommodation and a new pedestrian bridge linking both sides of the campus. This new Business School building is to include a six storey steel-framed car park that will replace existing surface parking at the campus, freeing up land for the rest of the transformation.

The finished structure will provide 600 car parking spaces, and is framed by over 700te of steelwork designed and supplied by Caunton Engineering for major main contractor Kier Construction. Caunton is very pleased to be adding to its growing car parking portfolio.

The Energetic Materials Blast Information Group - Blast
Caunton Engineering

for inclusion in Connect and on the SCI News site, FOC

SCI People

Anqi Chen

Congratulations to Anqi Chen, SCI who has been promoted from Senior Engineer to Principal Engineer. Anqi joined the SCI in January 2015. He is currently involved in SCI's investigations related to the field of steel composite construction, and design and execution of high strength steel structures. His interests included design of composite and steel structures to resist blast loads, and using validated numerical techniques to advance the understanding of the behaviour of structures.

Anqi Chen
New Members

SCI would like to welcome a new member;

Sampar Limited

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