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SCI CONNECT – April 2020

Despite big changes to everyone's daily routine, we have all learnt how to adapt to new ways of working in a short space of time and SCI is no exception. All employees are home working and adapting to the changes that transition brings, and we seem to have navigated those changes and challenges more smoothly than we may have expected.

We have managed to keep all our services up and running and adapt to significantly increased demand for the dissemination of our technical expertise via our webinars. To cope with this extra demand we have recently increased our Webex viewing capacity by a factor of ten!

Our monthly 'member only' webinars continue with new topics coming on stream throughout the year. We have also run a number of 'Free to All' webinars. These are repeats of webinars that were previously delivered to members only. For details see the SCI training calendar.

Our Fire and Blast Information Group FABIG has also run a number of successful technical meetings online. Details of forthcoming meetings can be found here.

Our capability and expertise in running webinars means that we are also now supporting other organisations in their efforts. This includes dissemination of the EU project PROGRESS (of which SCI is a technical partner) on behalf of the European Convention for Constructional Steelwork (ECCS). Rather than the originally planned series of workshops, these events have now been switched to four online webinars. Details can be found here. Our friends at BCSA have also asked us to support them by providing the infrastructure to run some of their training events.

We know we are not alone in adapting rapidly to changes at this time, but we are pleased that we can continue to deliver the services our industry requires, and of course we are all looking forward to things getting back to normal.

Visit our calendar for information on forthcoming webinars and events.

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Re-use of Steel
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SCI Courses
Steel Connection Design Progress - The re-use of steel framed buildings
07 May 20 - Webinar
Steel Connection Design Lateral Torsional Buckling
05 May 20 - Webinar for ALL
Steel Connection Design Brittle Fracture
19 May 20 - Member Webinar
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North American Steel Construction Conference

On Wednesday 22 April the American Institute of Steel Construction held an online conference with 5,700 online participants. Nancy Baddoo, Associate Director, SCI co presented with Catherine Houska, Architectural & Structural Metals Consulting. Their presentation was entitled - Structural Stainless Steel for Corrosive Environments, Resilience and Aesthetic Applications. Approximately 1200 listened in to the presentation. The session was recorded and will be available in June.

Eurosteel 2020 - Postponed until 2021.

Due the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Local Organising Committee, in consultation with the International Steering Committee for Eurosteel 2020, has decided to postpone the Eurosteel Conference, which was to take place in September 2020 and will now take place on 1-3 September 2021.

For more information on the conference visit the Eurosteel2020 website. .

Eurosteel 2020
PROGRESS - Reuse of Steel-Framed Buildings

These free webinars will disseminate the findings from PROGRESS a collaborative EU-funded project with the aim to facilitate and promote the reuse of steel-framed buildings to support the transformation to a more resource-efficient economy.

The focus of PROGRESS is single-storey buildings (SSB) which, as well as accounting for more than 60% of the structural steel used in the UK, have many attributes that make their deconstruction and reuse technically and economically viable.

The scope of PROGRESS includes the primary and secondary structural elements and steel-based envelope systems. Reflecting the two quite distinct scenarios, PROGRESS has addressed:

  • The reuse of existing single-storey steel-framed buildings
  • The design for deconstruction and reuse of new single-storey steel-framed buildings.

An important aspect of PROGRESS is dissemination of the work undertaken and importantly, the findings. These were envisaged as a series of workshops throughout Europe however, given the restrictions imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, ECCS and SCI are instead organising and hosting a series of free webinars during May.

Event Programme

Register for the event by emailing:

Progress - Re-use of Steel
Light Gauge Certification Success

SCI are pleased to announce the addition of three more companies (Rollalong, Premier Modular and Redbrooks) to the growing list which have achieved SCI/NHBC Stage 1 System Certification. This certification scheme is for light steel framing systems in accordance with Chapter 6.10 of the NHBC Standards and is required for NHBC warrantees. A full list of companies and products which have achieved one of SCI's certifications or assessments is available on our website.



The Rollalong HDA modular steel frame system has been assessed for residential buildings up to 5 storeys and consists of cold-rolled steel frame load bearing wall, ceiling and floor panels constructed into volumetric modules offsite.

Rollalong Permanent Offsie Construction Logo

Premier Modular

The Premier Modular system is a steel frame volumetric modular product. The modules use a load-bearing light steel frame system for walls and floors of residential dwellings up to four storeys high. For taller buildings up to ten stories high the modules incorporate hot-rolled steel frames.

Premier Modular Excellence Logo


The Redbrooks light steel framing system uses a range of cold formed section to create a panelised building system. The system is certified for residential buildings up to 7 storeys.

Please contact Andrew Way at SCI for information on light gauge steel construction and any related certification enquiries.

Redbrooks Logo
Members Advisory Desk Service email alerts

The new Advisory Desk service emails sent this month included;

  • An update to Advisory Desk Note: AD361: Mono pitched Portal Frames in fire boundary conditions
  • A new Advisory Desk Note: AD439 Transverse reinforcement in composite beams

If you are an SCI Sole Trader or Corporate Member and not receiving these emails alerts go to the SCI Information Portal and in your Profile click on notifications/alerts and select the notifications you require.

All the Advisory Desk Notes and Questions and Answers together with other technical resources are all available at all times on the SCI Information Portal.

SCI Member Logo
FABIG Lunchtime Webinar Series (Fire And Blast Information Group)

SCI's Fire And Blast Information Group (FABIG) is holding a series of Lunchtime Webinars whilst working life remains disrupted by measures to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, which prohibit or make inadvisable the organisation of the usual FABIG Technical Meetings. These webinars will cover topics relevant to the design and operation of industrial facilities with potential fire and/or explosion hazards (offshore installations, onshore petrochemical and chemical facilities, etc.). The first FABIG Webinar was held on 23rd April and was a resounding success, attracting over 150 delegates. Future FABIG webinars will be held every two weeks until the end of July, and more details on forthcoming webinars can be found on the Events page of the FABIG website.

The following FABIG Webinars have already been announced:

  • 5th May 2020: Hy4Heat - Consequence modelling for ignition of hydrogen leaks in the home, by Sam Greg, Arup
  • 20th May 2020: Explosion relief and protection at hydrogen refuelling stations, by Robert Brewerton, Inoventech
  • 3rd June 2020: Are unconfined hydrogen vapor cloud explosions credible? By Darren Malik, BakerRisk

Please note that access to the FABIG Webinars is restricted to corporate Members of FABIG. The full list of FABIG Members is provided at for information.

For more information on FABIG and the FABIG Webinars, please contact Guillaume Vannier, the FABIG Project Manager at SCI.

Fabig Logo
SCI Advisory Questions and Answers

For SCI Sole Trader and Corporate members, SCI offers support through our Advisory Desk Service. For questions asked which we feel are pertinent to the wider member audience we publish anonymously the questions and answers.

Where some questions relate to SCI Publications we publish the question and answers in Connect.

This month our published question is about; Painting of shear studs

Question: Will paint on shear studs affect their performance?

Please see the answers to this Advisory Question /Answer - Ref No 7145-20 and all Advisory questions on the SCI Information Portal.

The Advisory Desk Service is for SCI Corporate and Sole Trader Members | +44 (0) 1344 636525

SCI Member Logo
SCI Courses, Webinars and Events

Next SCI Member Webinar is;

Brittle Fracture - Webinar
Tuesday 19 May - 12:30-13:30

The selection of an appropriate steel sub-grade is an essential part of a designer's responsibility. The UK National Annex makes significant modifications to the Eurocode approach, which is appropriate for structures subject to fatigue. The webinar will cover the process of specifying sub-grade, both in accordance with the UK NA, and using SCI publication P419, which is appropriate when fatigue is not a design consideration.

Register to view this webinar.

Free Webinar for all.

Realising the Steel Design,  10 December 2019.

Lateral torsional buckling
Friday 15 May - 11:00-12:00

LTB is one of the more complicated aspects of steel design to the Eurocodes, primarily because of the need to calculate Mcr. David Brown will discuss the both the manual calculations and ways to make this easier, including free software. The webinar will cover orthodox situations, but also give guidance on intermediate restraints, destabilising loads and complex loading arrangements.

Register to view this webinar.

Realising the Steel Design,  10 December 2019.

SCI public courses

Our booking facility via the SCI Information Portal for our publicly run courses is still open for registration, however, in the current situation we have made it possible to register for the course but we will not take payment at this time. If you are interested in attending any of our courses please register as normal.

We are looking to make some of our courses available to deliver on-line, so keep an eye on the courses on the SCI Information Portal.

We may have to postpone courses and we will contact you if the course you have registered for is running on the date advertised or provide you with a new date in the future.

For a list of our public courses visit the SCI Information Portal.

SCI Public Courses
SCI Publications

Our SCI Bookshop is still open. However due to the circumstances we are able to provide you with a PDF version of publications at this time and will send out hard copies once we are back in our office.

If you are a member please log into the SCI Information Portal where you are able to view and download any publication in the Steelbiz section.

SCI on Social Media

For course reminders, publication updates and article notifications follow SCI on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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