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SCI CONNECT – September 2020

Even the best laid plans... Due to our association with the Eurosteel 2020 Conference, to be held in Sheffield, we had planned to take a year out from running our own event this year. But of course, this has been a year the like of which we have never seen before.

So we are now starting to plan for an on-line event, which will also include our AGM. Presentations will include an overview of SCI, then a number of very short presentations on recent work we have been doing (including a number of publications).

We pride ourselves on the fact that what we do is helpful to practitioners. Helping them to do something correctly or efficiently, or helping them to rectify a deficiency or problem. We recognise that to be relevant, and commercially sustainable, we need to provide commercial benefit to those organisations who use us.

We are therefore very pleased that having spoken about some of the things we have been doing recently, we will have speaker(s) from a leading UK consultant who will link our work to buildings they have been designing.

So save the date - Friday 6th November 2020 at a venue of your choosing!

Annual Event - Save the Date - Friday 6th November 2020
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Eurocode 4 developments
Steel Bridge Group
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Steel Connection Design Corrosion protection of steel by hot dip galvanizing - Member only Webinar
13 Oct
Steel Connection Design Steel Building Design to EC3 Course - Online Course
20 Oct, 22 Oct, 27 Oct , 29 Oct
Steel Connection Design Light Gauge Steel Design - Online Course
3 Nov, 5 Nov, 12 Nov
Steel Connection Design Analysis and design of structures against explosions - Member only Webinar
10 Nov
Steel Connection Design Steel Connection Design Course - Online Course
17 Nov, 19 Nov, 24 Nov
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Eurocode 4 developments

On the 1st October Graham Couchman will be chairing a meeting of CEN/TC250/SC4 - the committee responsible for Eurocode 4. Although there is still some way to go before the new versions of the Eurocodes will 'appear' and affect practice, in terms of technical developments we are getting near to finalisation. The final draft of EN1994-1-2 will be delivered by the Project Team in October 2020, and the final drafts of EN1994-1-1 and 2 will be delivered in March 2020. Each of these dates is followed by a two month period during which the UK can comment (via the BSI composite committee).

The foci of changes to all three documents have been correcting errors, clarification of clauses, extending the scope to cover current practice (beams with large web openings, shallow floor beams and tensile membrane action in fire), and achieving better alignment with other Eurocodes.

The key parts of EN1993 are running to a more advanced timetable, with many technical changes now 'frozen'.

Eurocode 4 developments
Steel Bridge Group

The Steel Bridge Group (SBG) is an active technical forum formed over 20 years ago to consider matters of high priority interest to the steel bridge construction industry in the UK and to suggest strategies for improving the use of steel in bridgework.

The secretariat of the SBG is undertaken by SCI. A key focus of the group has been to identify and report technical issues on the use of the Eurocodes and to produce complementary guidance reflecting UK best practice.

Whilst the group continues to look into technical issues such as steel bridge design, specification and fabrication issues, the SBG has recently initiated activities to consider supply chain and whole life cycle issues, in order to make steel bridge solutions more competitive, easier to procure and more appealing from a whole life perspective.

The SBG comprises both full and corresponding Members. Full Members of the SBG include experts working for clients, designers, fabricators and contractors willing to contribute to the activities of the group by typically meeting twice a year to prioritise activities and exchange information whilst also advancing SBG projects throughout the year. Corresponding Members are kept up-to-date with SBG activities and are invited to raise technical issues and to review and challenge the guidance developed by the SBG.

Over the years, the SBG has contributed to the development of a series of technical publications to support steel bridge construction:

  • Steel Bridge Group: Guidance Notes on best practice in steel bridge construction (SCI P185 6th Issue)
  • Design guide for steel railway bridges (SCI P318)
  • Composite highway bridge design (SCI P356)
  • Composite highway bridge design: Worked examples (SCI P357)
  • Steel Bridge Group: Model Project Specification for the Execution of Steelwork in Bridges (SCI P382)
  • Design of composite highway bridges curved in plan (SCI P393)
  • Determining design displacements for bridge movement bearings (SCI P406)
  • Steel Bridge Group: Completion of Appendix 18/1 for use with Specifications for Highway and Railway Steelwork (SCI P418)
  • Determining the buckling resistance of steel and composite bridge structures (SCI ED008)

Steel Bridge Projects

View these publications on the SCI Information Portal

For more information on the SBG, please contact:
Eleftherios Aggelopoulos
Secretary for the Steel Bridge Group
+44 (0) 1344 636533

Steel Bridge Logo
Members Advisory Desk Service email alerts.

The new Advisory Desk service emails sent this month included;

Advisory Desk Note - AD 429
Slip factors for alkali-zinc silicate paint

Advisory Desk Note - AD 451
Welding of reinforcement to cast-in plates.

If you are an SCI Sole Trader or Corporate Member and not receiving these emails alerts go to the SCI Information Portal and in your Profile click on notifications/alerts and select the notifications you require.

All the Advisory Desk Notes and Questions and Answers together with other technical resources are all available at all times on the SCI Information Portal.

SCI Member Logo
SCI Advisory Questions and Answers

For SCI Sole Trader and Corporate members, SCI offers support through our Advisory Desk Service. For questions asked which we feel are pertinent to the wider member audience we publish anonymously the questions and answers.

Where some questions relate to SCI Publications we publish the question and answers in Connect.

This month our published question is about; bearing resistance of bolts to BS EN 1993-1-8

Question: When checking the bearing resistance of bolts to BS EN 1993-1-8, what are "end", "inner" and "edge" bolts? Why is the resistance so much greater than BS 5950?

Please see the answer to this Advisory Question/Answer - Ref No 7150-20 and all Advisory questions on the SCI Information Portal.

The Advisory Desk Service is for SCI Corporate and Sole Trader Members | +44 (0) 1344 636525

SCI Member Logo
SCI Courses, Webinars and Events

SCI Online Training Courses

Steel Building Design to EC3

This online course is delivered in 4 sessions
Part 1 - 20 October
Part 2 - 22 October
Part 3 - 27 October
Part 4 - 29 October

Each session will be run from 10:00 - 12:00

As the experts in steel design, the SCI have prepared this course as an overview of the Eurocode provisions for steel building design. The course focuses on orthodox construction, covering the primary design issues for practicing engineers. The course follows the process of determining actions, considering combinations of actions, frame analysis and the assessment of second order effects. The course will then demonstrate how the resistance of members are calculated, but also how they can be extracted immediately from resources such as the 'Blue Book'.

This course will explain:

  • Loading and load combinations
  • Imperfections in members and frames
  • Frame stability - the significance of second order effects
  • Brittle fracture
  • Member resistance - classification, cross sectional and buckling checks
  • Connection design

Take advantage of our exclusive delegate offer to purchase our 'Essential Eurocode Bundle', comprising the 'Blue Book', 'Concise Eurocodes' and 'Worked examples for students'. Delegates attending this course can buy this set of Publications at a substantial discount.

For more information on the course content and to book your place click here

Realising the Steel Design,  10 December 2019.

Light Gauge Steel Design Course

This online course is delivered in 3 sessions
Part 1 - 3 November
Part 2 - 5 November
Part 3 - 12 November

This course introduces the uses and applications of light gauge steel in construction, before explaining in detail the methods employed by Eurocode 3 for designing light gauge steel members in bending and compression and calculation of section properties. Specific design issues related to the different uses of light gauge steel are addressed.

For light steel framing the issues covered include: frame stability, bracing, designing for robustness, connection design, frame anchorage and serviceability conditions.

For industrial building applications the issues covered include: specification with load tables, rafter and column restraint and load reversal (uplift) conditions.

Other specific topics that are covered include: fire resistance, acoustic performance, NHBC Standards Chapter 6.10 and durability.

The subjects are illustrated through a series of example calculations throughout the course.

Who should attend:

All practicing engineers who would like to learn the essential principles of light gauge steel design in its typical structural applications.

For more information on the course content and to book your place click here

Realising the Steel Design,  10 December 2019.

Next SCI Member webinar is:

Corrosion Protection of steel by hot dip galvanizing
Tuesday 13 October - 12:30-13:30

This Guest webinar will be presented by the Galvanizers Association and will provide a detailed technical overview of hot dip galvanizing as a method of corrosion protection of steel and will cover a range of topics.

Register to view this webinar.

For a list of webinars, on-line public courses visit the
SCI Information Portal

We may have to postpone courses and we will contact you if the course you have registered for is running on the date advertised or provide you with a new date in the future.

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SCI Publications

Our bookshop is once again open. For any hard copies of SCI Publications visit the SCI WebShop.

Structural Steel Reuse (P427)

Structural Steel Reuse (P427) This publication proposes a system of investigation and testing to establish material characteristics, with advice for designers completing member verifications of reclaimed steelwork. It places important responsibilities on the holder of reclaimed steelwork including identification, assessment, control procedures and declarations of conformity. PDF format only.

Uninterrupted height of masonry cladding to light steel framing (P426)

Uninterrupted height of masonry cladding to light steel framing (P426) Masonry cladding is commonly used on load-bearing light steel framed buildings, and cladding is generally supported from the ground or podium structure where the light steel frame provides lateral support to the cladding. It is technically and economically beneficial to consider designing taller heights of ground- or podium- supported masonry cladding to light steel frames.

Free download to both SCI Members and Non-Members.

Design of Columns Subject to Localised Fires (P423) This design guide presents a Eurocode-aligned method for determining the temperature of a column subject to a localised fire. Guidance on how to determine the resistance of a steel column when subject to elevated temperatures is also given. The use of this performance-based approach for assessing structural fire resistance will usually lead to a reduction in the cost of fire protection compared to that required by a prescriptive approach.

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